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Mark, 31 years old, top/versatile bisexual escort in Reading, United Kingdom.

I am a top guy that is into most things. I am here to fulfil ur sexual needs and fantasies. I say I am top but will bottom if u ain't too big. If there is anything u want to know please message me and ask.

184 cm; 6', 0''Height
76; 12Weight
AverageBody type
BrownHair color
BrownEye color
SomeHair type
LargeCock size
Safer sexNeeds discussion
Sexual act. Anal, Oral, Wanking, Rimming, Fisting, Groups, Role play, Spanking, Watersports


When did you become an escort?
2 years ago
Are you gay, bisexual or gay for pay (straight, but doing it for money)?
Bi but more gay for pay.
Do you have restrictions on age, race, disabilities??
Do you kiss with clients?
Are your rates negotiable?
Depends on what the client wants.
Is it possible to book you for less than an hour?
Do you live by yourself? Is clients privacy safe?
Yes clients safety and privacy is completely discreet and ask the same in return.
Do you do threesomes or groups?
Yes I do threesomes and groups will be vers for group scenarios.
What is your nationality?
What languages do you speak?
Do you offer massage? Are you qualified?
I can massage but not qualified
What is the most sensitive part of your body?
My neck and just above my groin oh and when a guy is sucking on my balls or his tongue is deep in my ass.
Do you like any fetishes?
Yeah I like leather gear and rubber but don't have any rubber gear at the moment and only have a leather jock at the moment.
Do you offer "boyfriend experience"?
Do you have any erotic toys we could use?
No but welcome to bring ur own for us to play with.
What is the most unusual request you have ever had from a client?
It was for a guy to piss in his mouth so he could drink it but didn't realise how much of a turn on it would be.
How good is your English?
Very good
Is escorting your full time job?
What in your opinion is the best and the worst side of being an escort?
The best is meeting new guys and getting to have a lot of fun with them. The worst is the time wasters that talk to u for ages and then turn around after u have turned other guys down and then they say they ain't interested.
Where is the most exciting place you have gone with a client?
Have you ever left a dissatisfied client? What happened?
Not that I know of as they always say it was the best they have had in ages plus most of them always come back for more.
Do you always get hard with clients?
Yes 99.9% of the time but there has been a few times where I haven't been able to get it up but that's down to nerves when meeting a new client for the first time.
What is your opinion about bareback sex?
It is ok just as long as both parties are comfortable with it and u r both clean then don't see the problem with it.
Are you ok with chem sessions - pnp (party and play)?
Yes I am OK with chem sessions and pnp although I don't supply the chems as had too many guys just come for the chems and then not been able to do anything cause they been too off there head. Although I will admit that I do like taking viagra if I am doing chems


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