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Daniel, 31 years old, top/versatile bisexual escort in London, United Kingdom.

English bisexual masseur, escort and fetish work with 10+ years experience: The most reviewed male in the UK, counting multiple platforms (see Based in Vauxhall with own accommodation and transport. Total top - nominally versatile (I am physically on top, even in the rare instances where I am receptive). Meticulously clean. No manipulation of photos, canvassing or fabrication of feedback. Intelligent/mature/english-fluent customers only. Non-drug user. Safe services.

188 cm; 6', 2''Height
70; 11Weight
SlimBody type
GingerHair color
GreenEye color
None/littleHair type
LargeCock size
Safer sexAlways
Sexual act. Watersports, Spanking, Role play, Groups, Fisting, Wanking, Oral, Anal


When did you become an escort?
I went "pro" early in 2010, and have tried many advertising solutions since. I have been reviewed online over 100 times, and every review has been positive.
Are you gay, bisexual or gay for pay (straight, but doing it for money)?
Bisexual. I have a male partner with whom I do not have a physical relationship. I do not date women as it is impractical.
Do you have restrictions on age, race, disabilities??
No - all are welcome and will be accommodated in a friendly, non-patronising way.
Do you kiss with clients?
Yes, please make sure that you have brushed and then rinsed out with a mint or fennel product. I will apply discretion to all customers.
Are your rates negotiable?
I provide a range of services that cover budgets from £150 to £1000+. The rates are all sensible, and non-negotiable in and of themselves. Some escorts may pitch much higher, knowing that the rate will be knocked down on negotiation. Whilst this often emotionally appeases a needy client, I really prefer not to play these games. Some escorts may cheat clients by pitching high whilst knowing that they are forward-billing the client for a second appointment that he will never want to make because the service was so bad. Others will retire or leave the country, grabbing all they can get whilst still in the business.
Is it possible to book you for less than an hour?
You don't actually "book" me... exactly what person would you ever "book"... a kids enteratiner? If you like... "book an *appointment* with me". The £150 pays for up to an hour fun (please ask what this may entail).
Do you live by yourself? Is clients privacy safe?
I live with my partner. Privacy has been safe since 2010 (various moderate to high profile individuals). Alternative locations can be arranged if paid for, and of course, I can drive to yours.
Do you do threesomes or groups?
I rarely work with others. This can be arranged for existing customers or if discussed at length. Deposit may be required as insurance against cancellation.
What is your nationality?
UK - English.
What languages do you speak?
Do you offer massage? Are you qualified?
I offer a firm massage, or a massage to suit your needs, having worked with and learned from a couple of qualified masseurs. I can put you on to a qualified masseur or join up for a 4-hand massage service.
What is the most sensitive part of your body?
Soles of feet.
Do you like any fetishes?
I'm into frot, but clearly that is not for most customers. Explain to me what yours are, if any.
Do you offer "boyfriend experience"?
I specialise in giving a very intimate service, what some may call a boyfriend experience without the financial burdens - at least the unexpected ones.
Do you have any erotic toys we could use?
Yes - toys, kit, please ask!
What is the most unusual request you have ever had from a client?
That was realised: Projectile golden enema (own).
How good is your English?
Do you always get hard with clients?
Yes. There are mental and chemical tricks and I've been doing this for 10 years.
What is your opinion about bareback sex?
You may be at lower risk of infection getting barebacked by a poz sexworker with UVL. It is possible to reduce risk with proper knowledge of status, sorting, use of prep, ARV drugs, "safer" unsafe sex practices, etc. I do not feel attracted to the "deviance" of an "act" of barebacking, which seems to be the draw for most who practise it "ritualistically".
Are you ok with chem sessions - pnp (party and play)?
Weed, yes, no chems on my side. I only play sober, and rarely in groups - only with my carefuly selected (drug free) collagues. I do not see new customers who are high on drugs and would only consider it with someone I have met sober... working up towards a drug haze after payment. I appreciate that taking these drugs MAY make it an experience more worth paying for, but please be in control, and above all respectful.


1 hour£150£150
2 hours£200£200
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