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Learn how to hire and treat gay escorts

There are few simple rules you should follow to make your experience with an escort enjoyable for both sides.

According to latest research between 15-20% of men paid at least once for sex. Don't feel like you're doing something wrong by hiring an escort

  1. Escorting is just like any other job, guys simply sell their skills. Be nice to your escort, as you would be to your plumber, it will definitely pay off and you (both) will benefit from that.

  2. Learn from an escort! The chances are that your chosen guy will have more sexual experience than you. Don’t be afraid to ask for things, male escorts probably heard it all already, even the kinkiest request and they know how to handle it and how to say “no” without offending you.

  3. Escorts appreciate if you arrange a meeting in advance, not right here right know. You can always give it a try if you feel really horny and need a guy ASAP, but usually having meeting arranged a day or few days before works out much better.

  4. Escorting is not all about “fuck and go”, but it certainly can be if this is what you want. Many male escorts will first start from a chat to get to know you better and you may feel like he’s wasting your time, be upfront about your expectations! Let the guy know before he arrives what you expect, especially if you want him to dive right into your bed.

  5. Your session will usually progress very naturally without any plan, but it’s good if he knows if you’re top, bottom or versatile (or maybe haven’t decided yet and want to try it all). Not necessarily you will get to anal sex as you may be happy without it, but don’t blame him afterwards for not trying if he simply doesn’t know what you want. If you feel embarrassed talking about it with your escort it will be easier for you to describe everything in a message before you meet. Trust me again - we heard it all.

  6. Not all escorts want to be paid on arrival, but you should make it clear that you realise you must pay him. You can do that by leaving open envelope with visible cash for his service, so he can see that. Unfortunately it happens too often that escorts don’t get paid for their job, because someone says “they didn’t know they must pay”. No matter how stupid it sounds it unfortunately happens, most definitely it’s just an excuse for getting the service for free, not any misunderstanding. Don’t be offended or scared if escort asks for money upfront - he just wants to make sure you actually have it.

  7. When you call a guy and he doesn’t reply, don’t give up. Send him a message or text him. Guys don’t just sit at home waiting for the call to come, they will be meeting friends or just do their regular work. Escorting is still a taboo for many and for that reason escorts won’t discuss your sexual preferences and describe how hung they are on phone if they are in surrounded by their friends. You can surely call him, but ask kindly first if he can discuss these things on the phone or maybe text message will be more suitable.

  8. If an escort looks completely different on his pictures than in reality don’t be obliged to continue the meeting. Tell him within minutes from his arrival that he’s not what you were expecting. If you called a plumber, you wouldn’t expect an electrician to show up. Unfortunately, sometimes guys try to present themselves in the best light possible, they photoshop their pictures to look better than they are in reality, sometimes they even use pictures of somebody else. If it happens to you to meet such unprofessional male escort, there is a chance he gets told off pretty often, so don’t feel guilty if you send him off - just do it immediately when he arrives and you feel cheated.

  9. The easiest way to move to the bedroom would an offer of having shower together. Not only it will make sure you are both nicely clean, but it will encourage you both to start exploring each other. When you finish a chat or a drink just ask him to join you in the shower.

  10. Tipping is great, everyone loves it, but don’t feel like you have to tip him. Escort’s rates are usually fixed, this is what a guy expects to be paid, but trust me that if you tip him on the top of his rates your next meeting will be much nicer, he will feel that the job he does was a great fun for you and will feel much better next time. Think of it that way - if you tip a waiter in your regular restaurant he will make sure you get the best steak next time you order.

  11. One hour lasts sixty minutes, not ninety. The moment the escort arrives means that the clock is ticking, plan your time wisely and don’t be surprised when it’s over. It is usually much better book your first meeting with male escort for 2 hours, this will give you time to get to know each other and still have plenty of time in bed. Rent boys usually charge discounted rate for the second hour.

  12. Plans sometimes change and we understand it. If you can’t make arranged appointment let him know. There’s nothing more annoying and disappointing for escorts than time-wasters. There are blacklists of client who don’t appear for meetings, so they will make sure you will hardly ever meet other guys.

  13. Don’t ever try to have bareback sex (unprotected sex) with a guy who clearly doesn’t agree to that. There are guys who will happily offer this service, but most won’t and if you don’t discuss it before the meeting keep it safe!

  14. Remember - escorting is legal, don’t try to abuse, scam or steal from an escort thinking it’s an easy target, we did and we will report all incidents to Police.

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