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Mikel kosta, 40 years old, top/versatile bisexual escort in Brussels, Belgium.

Chico masculino que disfruta haciéndote pasar un rato de placer, seas el tipo de hombre que seas. Escríbeme o mándame un mensaje (whatsapp +32485290465) y cuéntame tus deseos y tus fantasias, y verás cómo las hacemos realidad juntos. Compañía / cenas Viaje Masaje Sensual Sexual Dominación Morbo/Fetish I am a masculine guy who enjoys giving pleasure to all sorts of men. Write me or call me to tell me your desires and fantasies, and I will do my best to make it happen. Companionship / dinner Travel Massage Boyfriend Experience Vanilla Domination Kinky Fetish

176 cm; 5', 9''Height
82; 12.9Weight
AverageBody type
Mixed colorHair color
BrownEye color
HairyHair type
LargeCock size
Safer sexAlways
Sexual act. Watersports, Spanking, Role play, SM, Groups, Fisting, Rimming, Wanking, Oral, Anal


When did you become an escort?
I did it some time ago, when my curiosity for exploring the world of sex met with some economic needs. I have now some experience and I am happy to say that I can satisfy any kind of client!
Are you gay, bisexual or gay for pay (straight, but doing it for money)?
I am bisexual so I am happy to please men, women and couples, and I enjoy doing all kinds of meetings.
Do you have restrictions on age, race, disabilities??
Some of the best lovers I have met were mature men, some others were very young. Therefore I have no age restriction. I have also spent very pleasant nights with men and women with disabilities, so I am always happy when I am contacted by them. The question about race discrimination is even more shocking to me. Why would I restrict any race? Bring diversity to me!
Do you kiss with clients?
I pride myself in being a great kisser.
Are your rates negotiable?
There is something quite impolite in negotiating the rates of an escort, especially when we put really a lot of ourselves in every meeting. However, regular clients get certain benefits like extra time on special occasions.
Is it possible to book you for less than an hour?
It is possible but... why to hurry?
Do you live by yourself? Is clients privacy safe?
I don't receive at my place. I respect clients privacy and I value mine as well.
Do you do threesomes or groups?
I love threesomes and group sessions. I know some other reliable escorts who I have worked with and would be happy to meet you and treat you as you deserve.
What is your nationality?
I am from Spain.
What languages do you speak?
English, German, French, a bit of dutch and Spanish.
Do you offer massage? Are you qualified?
I don't have a diploma in massage therapy, but I am quite good at sensual massage.
What is the most sensitive part of your body?
You'll have to find that on your own.
Do you like any fetishes?
The world of sex is rich and diverse. I like exploring other people's fetishes, so let me know yours and let's enjoy them together. You won't surprise me easily and I won't judge so you can talk openly to me. No taboos, we can discuss every issue!
Do you offer "boyfriend experience"?
Yes, I enjoy intimacy, sharing stories and take the time to know each other.
Do you have any erotic toys we could use?
I don't own any toys but I have some leather gear.
What is the most unusual request you have ever had from a client?
That's something that stays between him and me.
How good is your English?
I speak it fluently with a charming Spanish accent
Is escorting your full time job?
Sometimes yes, sometimes not.
What in your opinion is the best and the worst side of being an escort?
I like the opportunity of meeting new people and making them happy. The downside is the lack of financial security and the stigma associated with this job.
Where is the most exciting place you have gone with a client?
Once a client took me to a sex party. Oh, that night was wild...
Have you ever left a dissatisfied client? What happened?
Once the client was not happy with what he found when he opened the door. We had a little chat with a glass of wine, but he was not convinced, so we didn't go to his bedroom. He paid me to cover my transportation costs and we left in good terms. A couple of weeks later he called me again and we spent a great time together.
Do you always get hard with clients?
I rarely have more than a client per day. Each client deserves me to be ready to be active at any time. It also helps that I am easily aroused!
What is your opinion about bareback sex?
It's great, but unfortunately I don't offer that kind of experience. It would put me and my clients at risk. I know there is PrEP available, and I am tested regularly, but it is not a risk I am willing to take. I hope you understand and respect that.
Are you ok with chem sessions - pnp (party and play)?
I like to stay in control, so I don't do drugs. But I am OK with you enjoying them, so I am happy to be invited to chem sessions.


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2 hours
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