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Cain stiles, 33 years old, bottom gay escort in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

I'm Cain, 24 years old, from Manchester. I am currently located in Liverpool, though I am willing to travel to Manchester and the Wirral. I'm new to the escort scene. I think ideally I'd like to spend time getting to know my clients and hopefully build up a client base. I'm a bit of a bloke and enjoy talking about bikes, cars and football. Don't let that put you off me though, I'm not just here to talk about myself. I find it easy to talk about alot of things and will always listen and enjoy my time with you. Maybe I can learn a thing or two. Diversity is great. Variety is the spice of life. I'm not very experienced in the kink world, however I've tried a few things that I know I like. I wouldn't force anything on you, don't worry I'm not a hardcore BDSM type of guy. I'm just learning about it all myself. So if you want to explore it with me then that would be rather fun and interesting. I think I'd like to experience new things aswell as keep an open mind. But I know I'm deffinetly not into Scat or Blood. If you're ever in need of some company, either to show you around town or go for a bite to eat I'm always happy to help. Whether it be showing you a good time clubbing, or just having a nice quiet dinner somewhere. I'm very flexible, so don't be afraid to ask. I'm currently studying for a degree, but as you can imagine it is financially difficult. I'm hoping to complete my next year, but unless I can cover the increased tuition I won't be able to.

172 cm; 5', 7''Height
56; 8.8Weight
SlimBody type
BrownHair color
GreenEye color
None/littleHair type
AverageCock size
Safer sexAlways
Sexual act. Anal, Oral, Wanking, Role play, Spanking, Watersports


When did you become an escort?
I began escorting early in 2013, so I'm still fairly new to it all.
Are you gay, bisexual or gay for pay (straight, but doing it for money)?
I'm gay.
Do you have restrictions on age, race, disabilities??
I'm not overly concerned with those things, I find good personal hygiene & respect more important than superficial things like age, race or disabilities.
Do you kiss with clients?
Yes, I have no problem with that.
Are your rates negotiable?
No, my rates are competitive & fair. I am open to discounts for regular clients but as a general rule my rates are fixed.
Is it possible to book you for less than an hour?
Yes, depending on travel time I am prepared to do half an hour sessions with clients.
Do you live by yourself? Is clients privacy safe?
I always ensure discretion, so clients can rest assured their privacy/anonymity will remain secure.
Do you do threesomes or groups?
I will do threesomes/groups, either with other escorts or with a friend of yours (this is especially useful if you wish to share the cost between you & the aforementioned friend). This must however be pre-arranged. If I arrive to this without prior discussion I shall leave.
What is your nationality?
I'm British.
What languages do you speak?
English, some Hebrew.
Do you offer massage? Are you qualified?
I will do massages, but I have no formal masseur qualifications.
What is the most sensitive part of your body?
I'd say its probably my nipples. They respond to the slightest of touches!
Do you like any fetishes?
I'm into a bit of BDSM/Kink, nothing too heavy but I'm certainly open to most things.
Do you offer "boyfriend experience"?
I can do, this isn't a problem for me.
What is the most unusual request you have ever had from a client?
I had a client ask me to beat him up & shit on him once. Of course I respectfully declined! haha
How good is your English?
Perfect, well....for a working class northerner! =P
Is escorting your full time job?
For now, I'm hoping to use some of the money to put me through university in the near future.
What in your opinion is the best and the worst side of being an escort?
The best? You get to meet some unusual people & experience things you'd never normally have the chance to. The worst? Disrespectful/abusive clients. You'd be amazed how often escorts get treated like common prostitutes. Some clients think because they pay you, they OWN you!
Where is the most exciting place you have gone with a client?
I went to this HUGE house a few weeks ago. Must have been about 5 floors in total, all exquisitely decorated. Felt a bit like Downton Abbey! lol
Have you ever left a dissatisfied client? What happened?
I don't know if any have been dissatisfied, although I had a foot fetish client that I could've handled better. He was my second client, so the whole foot fetish thing somewhat threw me. I'd like to think I'd do better if he used me again.
Do you always get hard with clients?
Not always, sometimes I need "assistance".


1 hour £100
2 hours £190
overnight £450
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