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Gay Escort Club has been created in 2006 in London, United Kingdom as a response to increasing rates all other similar services were intruducing. Back then it didn't really matter if you get none, one or ten clients a year from your advertisement, you still had to pay high fees, which rarely ever translated to meeting a client.

Escort business is tough and the comptetion is fierce, therefore escorts tend to advertise in as many directories as they can find, but in the same time it's very difficult to judge which one is actually working and which one just costs money.

We decided to create a service which in the worst scenerio doesn't bring you any business for a month, but it also doesn't cost you anything. If you got to meet a client later on you would already be profiting, this client could become your regular one and it fact having free profile at Gay Escort Club meant it's a reallly good value taking into account it is free of charge. Quite frankly even if you met one client every few months it would be better value than many other gay escorts directories charging you more than you earn after this one session.

Because Gay Escort Club has been created by escorts who advertise here, we know that it works - once a while a client will arrange a meeting, but don't expect to be as busy as "118 118", in fact none of existing escorts directories will offer you that. A lot also depands on how you present yourself and your listing. It's funny how some escorts think that by simply uploading pictures and not providing any personal introduction they will get busy as Belle de Jour. It's a little bit like going to an interview without your CV and expecting employer to hire you by the way you look. To be perfectly honest we believe that those sort of ads make more bad than good, so on regular basis we review escorts and remove them from our site.

In 2014 we started offering optional PRO accounts for escorts who want to prove and show potentional clients they take their job seriously (and escorting is no different than any other job), keep their profiles up to date and have more to say about themselves than "Hi, I'm Joe...".

Gay Escort Club - proudly made by escorts. Reinventing prostitution for the last 6 years.

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