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London is a popular spot for escorts to work. Not only it is a very gay friendly city, but also escorting as such is not illegal (it becomes illegal if there's more than one person offering sexual services under one roof, which according to the Council would classify as a brothel). This doesn't mean there are no gay brothels in London, there has been one (Villa Gianni) opereating for many years now with mixed reviews. Guys are also very upfront about it here, escorting became a profession like any other and funnily enough most of guys (but also many girls) at least once had escort experience.

Rates male escorts in London charge are much lower than what the call girls charge here. The competition is growing every day and it's the opposite for the prices. Few years ago a starting point for any escort would be GBP150, which is a norm elsewhere in the Western World, blame it on the ever growing population of London or anything else, but you would easily find now guys charging GBP100 or less.

Gay escort in London - James hedger
6'4", broad shoulders, slim to medium build, hairy chest, short cropped hair. Educated...
Gay escort in London - Adam
I am friendly, reliable, healthy and with good personal hygiene. I am top and I always...
Gay escort in London - Playmate/Masseur/Top
Experienced masseur/top with over 100 customer reviews and 10 years experience. Please...
Gay escort in London - James west
Educated, discreet and friendly young English guy, totally focused on providing a...
Gay escort in London - Ben
Hi Boys! ;) I'm a friendly and warm gay boy with 26" waist. I'm fun, smart and...
Gay escort in London - Daniel
My affectionate, warm personality and great sense of humor are but a few of the attributes...
Gay escort in London - Paris
Hi, My name is Paris, a handsome, sweet twink with soft, young voice. Here to...
Gay escort in London - Jake
100 % genuine free range natural englishmen born and bred in the garden of england...
Gay escort in London - Isaac
I'm experience.confident blackmaster have been controlling submissive slaves that...
Gay escort in London - Muscled Uk
English Muscled guy a man not a boy , 6`1 tall 32 waist 43 chest and bubble butt....
Gay escort in London - Mikey
Hi I'm Mikey. I'm from Liverpool but live in Slough/London. Am an ex soldier so...
Gay escort in London - Adam
Massage | Fun | PC/Mac Repair/Lessons | Companionship | Anything Slim British,...
Gay escort in London - Cronan
Sleazy Irish in Kilburn NW London Gay male (30) Londoner of Irish descent and looks,...
Gay escort in London - Michael
I'm a well spoken young englishman, with a passion for sex. I'm versatile, love older...

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Things you should be aware of when hiring gay escorts in London and maybe what you should ask them before arranging appointment

  • It is not uncommon in London that rent boys don't speak very well English. London is an ultra international city, escorts working here come from all around the globe, but the biggest chunk would probably be Brazilian and Polish (and other Eastern European) escorts. Finding British boys will prove a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible.
  • Withheld/blocked numbers will most likely be rejected. It's usually much easier just to send quick message and you will get reply within minutes. Remember London is a busy city and escorts don't just sit at home waiting for your call, very often they will be surrounded by people on busy streets of the town or just do their regular nine to five job, imagine discussing your sexual fantasies during rush hour on the Bus/Underground... Send a message to a guy of your choice if he doesn't pick up his phone.
  • Arrange meeting a day or at least few hours before. Commuting in London is a hell of a task, don't expect an escort to appear in your hotel room 30 minutes after you make the call.
  • If you want to visit an escort at his place don't expect Versace Palace (there are exceptions, but very few). Rent in London is high and the space is very precious. Often rent boys will share a place with other guys, but stay assured - during your visit it will only be you and him.
  • It will probably be cheaper for you to call an escort than endlessly trying to find someone in a bar or club sipping a cocktail, add a taxi to your hotel on top of that and you will probably spend just about the same or more. Additionally instead of an orgasm you get a hang over.
  • If you decide to extend your session with an escort for longer and it's already late (around 11pm) pay for his cab home, London's Underground isn't running after midnight. Keep that in mind also if you want a guy to come over to your place after that time.
  • Don't try to have sex without a condom if a guy doesn't want that, there's more than plenty of bareback gay escorts in London at Gay Escort Club and other websites who are upfront about it, but NO means NO!
  • Gay saunas in London are not as packed with male escorts as it would be in Barcelona, Prague or Zurich, if you're looking for something a bit more personal and longer than 15 minute shag in relatively unclean environment you will be better off staying away.
  • London's Soho is not what it used to be, don't expect to find here escort guys standing on every corner or male sex parlours. Soho is undergoing major redevelopment and unfortunately it loses its charm and becomes too commercial. Things that were normal and acceptable before are now forbidden, there soon will be no red light in the "Soho - red light district".

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