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Andrew moonson, 24 years old, bottom/versatile gay escort in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Hiya Im Andrew 22, Customer Service at its best Unfortunately in-calls are unavailable at the moment, however that should change in time, Please may i firstly say this is a strictly professional service and will not lead to anything long term, however i do like to make friends and hang out on a platonic basis. so where do we begin? iv been in the industry for almost a year and believe me nothing is too weird or too odd for me, well... very few things, i love also the simple things, im just normal genuine me im not awkward im just friendly and love to please, and as i always say please dont be afraid to put your ideas across and we can discuss, so erm yeah i dont know what to write about my self tbh, the best advice i can say is message me and get to know me x also i now provide erotic cleaning services...... yes i will actually come clean your house but ill be that kinky naughty maid you always fantasized about??, in the underwear displayed you say?? yep i can do that, as i said please please contact me and let see what i can do for you xx

174 cm; 5', 8''Height
60; 9.5Weight
DefinedBody type
BrownHair color
BrownEye color
SomeHair type
AverageCock size
Safer sexAlways
Sexual act. Anal, Oral, Wanking, Groups, Role play, Spanking


When did you become an escort?
Two years ago, realized how much my passion for sex and how much i enjoy to please customers in my previous job in the hospitality industry
Are you gay, bisexual or gay for pay (straight, but doing it for money)?
im gay and proud and happy out to everyone
Do you have restrictions on age, race, disabilities??
nope not at all i dont mind all ages races etc
Do you kiss with clients?
yes if they wish too that is
Are your rates negotiable?
yes always, want to find the best price for my clients
Is it possible to book you for less than an hour?
yes half hour is abit cheaper, i understand some clients are in a rush
Do you do threesomes or groups?
yes id love too not been asked yet but id do it
What is your nationality?
white british
What languages do you speak?
english and abit of french
Do you offer massage? Are you qualified?
yes iv been doing it for three years
What is the most sensitive part of your body?
neck, and cock
Do you like any fetishes?
uniform, big cocks
Do you offer "boyfriend experience"?
yes i love that type of experiance
Do you have any erotic toys we could use?
nope sorry not my thing i like natural
What is the most unusual request you have ever had from a client?
iv been asked to do adult baby smacking and im afraid this is a big no for me, its just not my thing
How good is your English?
yeah my English is fluent from birth
Is escorting your full time job?
yes and also a part time model i work alot oh and also a housekeeper which i do a erotic service if that would interest you??
What in your opinion is the best and the worst side of being an escort?
the sex, the clients and interesting different people and different kinks and types of things guys love
Where is the most exciting place you have gone with a client?
to his house where his wife was out, i felt on constant edge incase she came home but its all about the danger i love about the job
Have you ever left a dissatisfied client? What happened?
nope not yet thank god, seem to be crap with bfs in life but not clients always come back wanting more
Do you always get hard with clients?
yes, iv had one situation as i was just too tired, trying to push myself too much but i have now learnt i cannot do that and the client got extra next time
What is your opinion about bareback sex?
i dont mind at all, im already risking my life so to get a few std and be out of action for a while wont kill me, i always use condoms but the worry of an std doesnt scare me
Are you ok with chem sessions - pnp (party and play)?
never really understood this, so if anyone wants to explain please do x


1 hour £80 
2 hours £170 
overnight £350 
weekend £500 
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